Chewing lice (Insecta, Phthiraptera) and ticks (Arachnida, Ixodida) associated with birds in highland marshes of the Brazilian semiarid

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2024
Authors:V. Campelo Souza, de Oliveira, J. Bianque, de Lyra-Neves, R. Maria, Pelage, L., da Silva_Oliveira, A. Jefferson, Oliveira-Silva, W., da Silva-Cabral, L., Telino-Júnior, W. Rodrigues
Journal:Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment
Pagination:11 pp
Date Published:Jan-31-2024
Type of Article:Online publication
ISSN:0165-0521, 1744-5140
Keywords:arthropods, avian, insects, parasite–host interactions

In Brazilian semiarid, highland marshes are home to a great diversity of species; still, these ecosystems suffer constant impacts due to agriculture, logging, and livestock. Here we describe a community of birds and their ectoparasites in anthropized remnants of a highland marsh ecosystem, located in Northeast of Brazil. From August/2018 to July/2019, mist nets were used
to capture birds, and their ectoparasites were then collected. A total of 78 bird species from 18 families were captured, of which 25 species and 12 families were parasitized by lice, while 13 species from 8 families were parasitized by ticks. Of the 546 birds captured, 11.9% were infested by 747 lice belonging to 12 taxa, and 4.2% by 27 ticks. Only seven individuals were infested by
both lice and ticks. Both lice and ticks showed preference for topographic sites on their host bodies.

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