Arthropod parasites of Nubian ibexes (Capra ibex nubiana) and Gazelles (Gazella gazella) in Israel

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1999
Authors:I. Yeruham, Rosen, S., Hadani, A., Braverman, Y.
Journal:Veterinary Parasitology
Pagination:167 - 173
Date Published:1999
Keywords:Capra, ectoparasite, Gazella, Ibex

In a 20-year survey the following ectoparasites were collected from Nubian ibexes: larvae of an unidentified Oestrus sp. collected from the nasal cavities, sinuses and hems, hippoboscid flies (Lipoptena chalcomelaena) specific to the Nubian ibex, blood sucking lice (Linognathus africanus) and unidentified biting lice (Damalinia sp.). Ibexes were severely infested with the cattle tick, Boophilus annulatus; a few Hyalomma anatolicum excavatum ticks were also collected. In five ibexes kept in two toes, showing otitis, Psoroptes cuniculi, was identified, and from skin scrapings of nine animals with severe dermatitis in three other toes, Sarcoptes scabiei was isolated. Infestation of Nubian ibexes with sucking and biting lice as well as H. anatolicum excavatum is reported for the first time. The ectoparasites collected from gazelles were: hippoboscid flies (Lipoptena capreoli), calliphorid flies (Lucilia sericata and Calliphora sp.), sucking lice (Linognathus africanus and Solenopotes capillatus) and unidentified biting lice (Damalinia sp.), fleas (Ctenocephalides felis felis), and ticks, B, annalatus, Rhipicepahlus bursa, Rhipicephalus turanicus, H. anatolicum excavatum and H. marginatum rufipes. In skin scrapings of four gazelles with local dermatitis in the fetlocks Chorioptes bovis was identified. Neoschoengastia sp. was found in craters between the claws in three gazelles. (C) 1999 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

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