Prevalence of ectoparasites of goats in Tanzania

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1995
Authors:L. J. M. Kusiluka, Kambarage, D. M., Matthewman, R. W., Daborn, C. J., Harrison, L. J. S.
Journal:Journal of Applied Animal Research
Pagination:69 - 74
Date Published:1995
Keywords:anemia, fleas, lice, Prevalence, ticks

Survey was carried out to determine the prevalence of various ectoparasites infesting goats in Tanzania. Fifty four herds were surveyed out of which 78%, 66% and 44% were infested with ticks, fleas and lice, respectively. Of the 415 goats examined, 74.7%, 63.1% and 47.7% were infested with ticks, fleas and lice respectively. The species of ticks identified were Rhipicephalus evertsi, R. appendiculatus and Amblyomma variegatum. Ctenocephalides felis was the only species of flea recorded whereas the louse species were Damalinia caprae and Linognathus stenopsis. Heavy infestation with flea and louse was the cause of poor body condition and anaemia in young animals.

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