Francesco Redi

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1671, 1674, 1686, 1687, 1688, 1741

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The eldest of the nine sons of Gregorio and Cecilia de' Ghinci, Francesco Redi was born in Arezzo, Italy, February 18, 1626. His father was an important physician, who went to Florence in 1642 and became First Physician of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Francesco studied in Florence at the Jesuits' schools and took a degree in medicine in Pisa in 1647. After travelling to Rome, Naples, Bologna, Padua and Venice, he began to practice the profession of physician, living in his father's house until 1672, when Gregorio Redi returned to Arezzo and Francesco remained alone in Florence. From 1657 to 1667 he was a member of the Accademia del Cimento (Academy of the Experiment), where the Galileian heritage continued.

In 1666 Grand Duke Ferdinando II appointed Redi as his First Physician and director of the grand-ducal"Spezieria"(Pharmacy): positions in which he was confirmed by Cosimo III in 1670, when he became Grand Duke. So Redi spent much of his life at the Medici's Court and was, after Galileo, a unique example of scientist and courtier.

Redi spent little time in Arezzo, but he always remained attached to his family and his country. It had long been his desire to retire to Arezzo, but on March 1st 1697 he died in Pisa, where he accompanied the Grand-ducal Court each year. His body was brought to Arezzo and buried in the Church of San Fancesco. At the beginning of the 19th century his body was moved to the Cathedral, where only a bust now remains in the right wall. (ref)

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