A Survey of Ectoparasites on Mammals in Agriganar Anna Zoological Park, Chennai, South India

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Authors:G. Shobana, Gunasekaran C.
Journal:International Journal of Current Research in Life Sciences
Pagination:1285 - 1288
Keywords:Arignar Anna Zoological park, Chennai., ectoparasites, mammals, species diversity

This aim of this study was conducted to evaluate the abundance and diversity ectoparasites associated with mammals in Arignar Anna Zoological Park (AAZP). Ectoparasites are a diverse and highly adapted group of animals that infest the external body of vertebrates. The empirical study was to attempt the first time report of this park (AAZP). We are examined for total of 412 Mammals were analysis throughout the study period. A total of 13 mite’s species belonging to 10 genus, 10 ticks’ species belonging to 5 genus, 5 flea species belonging to 2 genus and 4 lice species belonging to3 genus were collected from our study. The overall prevalence of ectoparasites was significantly higher in cage compare than runs. Statistically calculated the Simpson diversity index was more in cage (0. 98805) of mites were noted. In mammals the prevalence of ticks in cage (85%) and in runs (15%) were recorded. Similarly, the Simpson diversity index of flea was rich in runs (0. 97105) respectively. The prevalence of lice in cage (65%) and in runs (35%) was noted in mammals.

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