A study on prevalence and factors associated with ectoparasitism in goats of two agro-climatic regions in India

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:Y. Ajith, Dimri, U., Gopalakrishnan, A., Devi, G.
Journal:Journal of Parasitic Diseases
Pagination:739 - 746
Date Published:Jan-09-2017
Keywords:Bareilly, Critical factors, Dehradun, ectoparasite, epidemiology, goat, Shivalik region, Tehri Garhwal

The present study was aimed to evaluate the factors associated with prevalence of various ectoparasites among goats during winter season in two different agro- climatic regions of India. A total of 320 goats (Ut- tarakhand-208; Uttar Pradesh-112) were screened and evaluated for ectoparasitism and associated factors. The occurrence of ectoparasitism in goats was studied in rela- tion with age, sex, breed, housing, agro-climatic region and system of rearing. Prevalence of ectoparasitism among goats of lower Shivalik region (Dehradun and Tehri Garhwal districts) of Uttarakhand and Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh was 90.38 and 39.29%, respectively. The common ectoparasites observed were chewing lice (Bovi- cola caprae), sucking lice (Linognathus africanus), fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and ticks (Haemaphysalis spp.). Among all the ectoparasitic infestation, pediculosis was the most common affection during the study period in both agro-climatic region; chewing lice in Uttarakhand and sucking lice in Uttar Pradesh. Agro-climatic region, breed, immune status, system of rearing and hygiene were highly affecting the prevalence and distribution of ectoparasites among goats. High prevalence of ectoparasitism in the study area warrants the need for formulating appropriate intervention strategies to improve control of ectoparasites and awareness among goat farmers.

Short Title:J Parasit Dis
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