Survey of Ectoparasites Infesting Captive Birds in the Jos Museum Zoological Garden, North Central, Nigeria

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Authors:H. Livinus Njila, Debi-Dore, D. J., Ombugadu, A., Dibal, M., Mafuyai, M. Joseph
Journal:Journal of Natural Sciences Research
Pagination:36 - 40
ISSN:2224-3186 (paper), 2225-0921 (Online)
Keywords:captive birds, ectoparasites, Jos, museum, Zoological Garden

Many ectoparasites are known vectors of many diseases causing pathogens. Thus a survey of ectoparasite infesting captive birds in the Jos Museum Zoological Garden, Plateau state, north central Nigeria was carried out using direct collection method between February to July 2014. A total of 13 individuals of captive birds of non-passeriformes group belonging to 8 orders, 8 families and 13 species were sampled using five predilection sites. A total of 58 ectoparasites distributed across 3 orders were collected. Out of the 13 bird species sampled, six were found to be infested with ectoparasites. There is a significant difference (X2 = 158.069, df = 12, P = 0.001) in ectoparasitic load in relation to birds species. There is no significant difference (X2 = 4.069, df = 4, P = 0.39) in ectoparasitic load in relation to predilection sites. However, there is a significant difference in ectoparasitic load in relation to predilection sites of some bird species sampled (marabou stork: X2 = 32.4286, df = 4, P = 0.001; Ostrich: = 24, df = 4, P = 0.001; crown crane: X2 = 22.8696, df = 4, P = 0.001). The wing, back and neck are the most infested predilection sites. This study revealed a low ectoparasites infestation in captive birds in the Jos Museum Zoological Garden which was attributed to serious preening and allo-preening carried out by some bird species as means of combating ectoparasites. It is therefore important that periodic inspection be carried out to reduce incidence of ectoparasites infestation.

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