Aberrant ontogeneses and life cycles in Paraneoptera

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2021
Authors:I. A. Gavrilov-Zimin
Journal:Comparative Cytogenetics
Date Published:Aug-25-2021
ISSN:1993-078X, 1993-0771
Keywords:Exuviatrium, imago, larvae, metamorphosis, nymphs, protoptera, pseudopuparium

The paper is a third part of the themed issue “Aberrant cytogenetic and reproductive patterns in the evolution of Paraneoptera”, prepared by a Russian-Bulgarian research team on the basis of long-term collaborative studies. This chapter reviews different peculiar aberrations in the ontogenesis of Paraneoptera, such as the appearance of the quiescent apodal and/or arostrate instars, exuviatrial, pupillarial and pseudopupillarial development, cyclic parthenogenesis, etc. The material and methods, terminology and the nomenclature of the used taxonomic names are listed in the first chapter of the issue (Gavrilov-Zimin et al. 2021).

Complete set of the 4 published papers see https://compcytogen.pensoft.net/issue/3283/

Part 1 Introduction to the study of chromosomal and reproductive patterns in Paraneoptera also see https://phthiraptera.myspecies.info/node/96010

Part 2 Egg retention, viviparity and ovoviviparity in Paraneoptera see https://phthiraptera.myspecies.info/node/96066

Part 4 Comparative analysis of chromosome numbers and sex chromosome systems in Paraneoptera (Insecta) see https://phthiraptera.myspecies.info/node/96065

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