Egg retention, viviparity and ovoviviparity in Paraneoptera

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2021
Authors:I. A. Gavrilov-Zimin
Journal:Comparative Cytogenetics
Date Published:Aug-03-2021
ISSN:1993-078X, 1993-0771
Keywords:Embryogenesis, neoteny, Oviposition, paedogenesis

This article is a second part of the themed issue “Aberrant cytogenetic and reproductive patterns in the evolution of Paraneoptera insects”, prepared by the Russian-Bulgarian research team. Here, analysis of aberrations related to the egg development is provided based on literature data and the author’s own investigations. Evolutionary aspects of ovoviviparity/viviparity are also briefly discussed. Material and methods, terminology and nomenclature of taxonomic names are listed in the first paper of the issue (Gavrilov-Zimin et al. 2021).

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Part 3 Aberrant ontogeneses and life cycles in Paraneoptera see

Part 4 Comparative analysis of chromosome numbers and sex chromosome systems in Paraneoptera (Insecta) see

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