Root Language Translation
-acious English Abounding in
-aedes Greek Disagreeable
-aedon Greek A nightingale
-aeresis Greek Take
-ajaia; =ajaja South American The roseate spoonbill
-alis Latin Pertaining to
-aloe Greek A kind of plant
-ampulla Latin A flask
-aquilo, -ni Greek The north wind; northern
-arbor Greek A tree
-arium Greek A place where something is kept
-depas, -tr Greek A cup, goblet, beaker
-diastema, -to Greek A space, interval
-ecious Greek A house
-ectomy Greek Cutout
-ectopy Greek Displacement
-ell, -a, sum, aus Latin Small
-emia Greek Blood
-ens, -e, -is Latin Of, belonging to
-es Greek (a suffix meaning an agent or doer)


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