Contributions towards a monograph of the sucking lice. Part V

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1932
Authors:G. Floyd Ferris
Journal:Stanford University Publications, University Series, Biological Sciences
Pagination:271 - 413
Date Published:1932
Taxonomic name: 
Anoplura (Lice), Rhinophthirus (Lice), Ahaematopinus (Lice), Bathyergicola (Lice), Ctenopleura (Lice), Ctenura (Lice), Cyclophthirus (Lice), Euenderleinellus (Lice), Euhoplopleura (Lice), Ferrisella (Lice), Hamophthirus (Lice), Hoplophthirus (Lice), Enderleinellus (Lice), Haematopinus (Lice), Ancistroplax (Lice), Haematopinoides (Lice), Hoplopleura (Lice), Pterophthirus (Lice), Linognathus (Lice), Prolinognathus (Lice), Solenopotes (Lice), Microthoracius (Lice), Docophthirus (Lice), Eulinognathus (Lice), Fahrenholzia (Lice), Haemodipsus (Lice), Lemurphthirus (Lice), Neohaematopinus (Lice), Phthirpediculus (Lice), Polyplax (Lice), Scipio (Lice), Enderleinellus tamiasis (Lice), Ancistroplax crocidurae (Lice), Haematopinoides squamosus (Lice), Hoplopleura acanthopus (Lice), Pterophthirus alata (Lice), Pterophthirus audax (Lice), Linognathus vituli (Lice), Linognathus taurotragus (Lice), Linognathus tibialis (Lice), Linognathus spicatus (Lice), Linognathus setosus (Lice), Linognathus stenopsis (Lice), Linognathus saccatus (Lice), Linognathus pithodes (Lice), Linognathus pedalis (Lice), Linognathus ovillus (Lice), Linognathus oviformis (Lice), Linognathus limnotragi (Lice), Linognathus hippotragi (Lice), Linognathus gnu (Lice), Linognathus fractus (Lice), Linognathus fahrenholzi (Lice), Linognathus cervicaprae (Lice), Linognathus breviceps (Lice), Linognathus brevicornis (Lice), Linognathus bedfordi (Lice), Linognathus angulatus (Lice), Linognathus africanus (Lice), Linognathus gazella (Lice), Prolinognathus leptocephalus (Lice), Prolinognathus caviae-capensis (Lice), Solenopotes tarandi (Lice), Solenopotes ferrisi (Lice), Solenopotes capillatus (Lice), Solenopotes binipilosus (Lice), Solenopotes burmeisteri (Lice), Microthoracius praelongiceps (Lice), Microthoracius cameli (Lice), Docophthirus acinetus (Lice), Eulinognathus denticulatus (Lice), Eulinognathus americanus (Lice), Eulinognathus aculeatus (Lice), Eulinognathus biuncatus (Lice), Haemodipsus ventricosus (Lice), Haemodipsus setoni (Lice), Haemodipsus lyriocephalus (Lice), Lemurphthirus galagus (Lice), Neohaematopinus sciurinus (Lice), Neohaematopinus faurei (Lice), Neohaematopinus pectinifer (Lice), Phthirpediculus propitheci (Lice), Scipio tripedatus (Lice), Bathyergicola hilli (Lice), Bathyergicola lophiomydis (Lice), Bathyergicola lawrensis (Lice), Hamophthirus galeopitheci (Lice), Eulinognathus parvus (Lice), Phthiraptera (Lice), Antidorcas (Mammal (Price et al)), Gazella (Mammal (Price et al)), Taurotragus (Mammal (Price et al)), Tragelaphus (Mammal (Price et al)), Antidorcas marsupialis (Mammal (Price et al)), Antidorcas (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Gazella (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Taurotragus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Tragelaphus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Hippotragus (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Lophiomys (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Antidorcas marsupialis (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder)), Hippotragus niger (Mammal (Wilson & Reeder))
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